eCommerce Mastery: Unlock the Boardroom

The Premium eCommerce Leadership Coaching Program
to Navigate Uncertainty by Mastering What Matters.

Maybe you feel too far removed from the skillset of your team to lead them effectively - or maybe can’t quite translate your work into language a CEO, CFO or investor will easily understand, and come to realize: that will hold you back.

Imagine how good it will feel to have the grounded clarity and peace of mind to confidently make your decisions in a way that drives growth for both your eCommerce business, and your own career.

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eCommerce Mastery: Unlock the Boardroom

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The Challenge

The challenge is that nagging lack of control feeling in high-stakes meetings and presentations.

You’re debating unrealistic targets, but can’t quite convincingly explain why or how. Big investment decisions keep you up at night. Your investors push you to adopt new metrics you don’t fully grasp.

When you lack control and confidence in those types of high-stakes interactions, you don’t just miss your opportunity to impact the business - you also reduce your chances of progressing your career. Little by little, your social currency goes down and getting things done gets harder. Way harder than it needs to be.

eCommerce moves fast. You scramble to keep up, stuck playing defense when you want to take charge.

You understand how the single pieces of the puzzle work, and your vision and passion are ready to soar - all you need is that extra grounded clarity that brings everything together, to confidently take the wheel and make a bigger impact on your business and your career.

Decisions are the atomic units of a business.

Every hesitant decision chips away at your brand—and your leadership.

Tough decisions: Data-rich, but insight-poor?

Swamped with data but starved for actionable insights? You've tweaked that dashboard a hundred times, but it's like looking in a foggy mirror.

Data quality issues aside, chances are the issue isn't the tool—it's the clarity of your context setting. Data is just numbers unless framed with precision for effective action. Let's go and sharpen your decision-making framework.

Does Forecasting DTC feel like rolling the dice?

Does forecasting Direct-to-Consumer revenue feel more like a game of chance than a strategic calculation? You're not alone.

Too many leaders overlook the bedrock of accurate forecasting—understanding customer unit economics. Knowing the lifetime value and acquisition costs of each customer cohort isn't just stats; it should be the cornerstone of your strategy.

Lost in translation when dealing with Finance?

You can be comfortable with the tech and trading side of eCommerce, but when it comes to influencing your CFO, are you equipped with the right perspective and vocabulary?

Understanding financial metrics and how they intertwine with your eCommerce goals is no longer optional—it's essential. Mastering the language of finance is your ticket to becoming an influencer in the boardroom.

Ever say "Sorry, I'm not very Technical" ?

That right there is a luxury no leader can afford anymore - especially a marketing one. Great leaders today aren't just tech-literate, they're tech-fluent.

And that means understanding (at the very least) how data flows and is transformed across systems. So, let's get comfortable with systems & platforms - and make best friends with data.

The Solution:
Your Weekly Clarity Checkpoint

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In this one-of-a-kind eCommerce Coaching Program, we'll meet weekly to not only dive into a structured set of themes, but also unpack any immediate challenges you may be facing in real-time.

It's a journey tailored to you, designed to arm you with the eCommerce expertise you need, while also addressing the pressing issues at hand.

It isn't just about mastering eCommerce - it's about enhancing your leadership skills and boosting your influence in the boardroom.

You'll learn to speak the language of both eCommerce and C-suite executives, bridging gaps and aligning goals, and we'll transform not just your approach to eCommerce, but your overall leadership strategy—making you an indispensable asset to your organization.

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What They Say

Sparring partners that become friends.

"What makes Saverio so unique is his strong strategic understanding, not just theoretically but also how things should, do, and can work on the ground, supported by technical expertise and a political sensitivity only experience can teach."

Noorin Virani

"Saverio is an impressive digital and eCommerce leader, blending executive leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strategic mindset. He manages to drive the digital agenda across for clients with focus and finesse."

Kristy Watson
Rent The Runway

"Saverio has supported me since I took a global role at L’Oréal and, thanks to his experience and business acumen, I was able to take a step back, build my vision and associated storytelling."

Ludovic Begue

The Ideal Coaching Candidate

Whether you work for a Multi-billion dollar Group, a hungry Scale-up Brand, or a high pace Multi-brand Retailer: you're ready to take charge of your performance.

Senior Executives
(CEOs, CMOs, Founders)

You've excelled in your career, climbing your way to the C-suite, perhaps even built a brand from scratch. But eCommerce? That's a different game—one you didn't grow up playing hands-on.

Now you're responsible for it, and the stakes couldn't be higher. This coaching program is your guide to navigating the eCommerce maze with finesse, have a bigger impact on your business, and grow your social currency in the Boardroom.

eCommerce Leaders
(VPs, Directors, Heads of)

You're the one in the trenches every day, deeply understanding all your levers, funnels, and conversion metrics. But when you step into the boardroom, it's like speaking a foreign language.

You have the expertise, but translating that into business impact—let alone in a way that resonates with a CEO or CFO—remains a challenge. This coaching program is your fast-track to mastering that executive code, earning the respect you deserve, and unlocking those boardroom doors for good.

The eCommerce Mastery Framework ™️

Week after week, through the lens of each of these pillars, we'll explore what makes you unsure today
fine-tuning your approach to meet real-world challenges head-on tomorrow.


Reframing is about challenging your perspective, stepping back and looking at your eCommerce challenges and opportunities from a different vantage point.

By exploring different perspectives, we uncover new paths and set the stage for transformative action.


Decisions are the atomic units of leadership. Learn to identify when to accelerate for quick, decisive action and when to pause for in-depth deliberation.

We'll also work on identifying and navigating the biases that can derail you, equipping you with the discernment needed to make confident, more effective choices.


From budgeting and forecasting best practices to avoiding common pitfalls, from selecting metrics to platforms and tools, from collaboration processes to organization design, and more...

Your expanded perspective and improved decision-making will be even more effective when aided by practical advice you can go and implement right away.

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Packages and Benefits

eCommerce Leadership
Coaching Program

Personalised coaching and guidance in a 1-to-1 program that evolves with you, working with eCommerce expert Saverio Bianchi.

For Senior Executives and Digital Leaders who want to master what it takes to lead in eCommerce.

  • Personalized Framework: 1-to-1 advice and practice, while navigating your challenges using the eCommerce Mastery Framework™️.

  • Real-time Solutions: Weekly sessions that adapt to address your immediate challenges, ensuring you're comfortable while climbing your learning curve.

  • Boardroom Readiness: Master the language and skills needed to impress in the C-suite, from decision-making to strategy execution.

3+ months
Custom Pricing
Flexible Schedule

eCommerce Leadership Sprint
1 week

In-depth immersion in your DTC business, led by eCommerce expert Saverio Bianchi.

Designed for ambitious organizations looking to level up the acumen of their eCommerce decision-making - and how to take effective action.

  • Deep Dive Assessment: A week-long, in-person engagement to thoroughly assess your current fabric of your eCommerce business.

  • Skills Accelerator: Intensive upskilling on the Reframe, Decide, and Execute pillars, tailored to meet your team's specific needs.

  • Business-Wide Impact: Beyond upskilling, we will lay the groundwork for lasting change. Equipping your team to make smarter decisions and take actions that resonate all the way to the boardroom.

1 Week
Custom Pricing
Remote or
in person
Flexible Schedule
3+ months
Custom Pricing
Flexible Schedule

This IS for you if:

  • You're done rolling the dice and now want to gain calm, grounded confidence with your eCommerce decisions, leading your team with conviction.

  • You're tired of feeling behind in high-stakes meetings, and want to lead C-level strategic discussions, not just partake.

  • You're open-minded, want to learn and understand that progress requires effort -and you're willing to put in the work needed to take control of your business and your future.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're hunting for silver bullets, quick fixes and shortcuts, avoiding the structural shifts that could really level-up your eCommerce game.

  • You're reluctant to questioning existing models and shake up the status quo.

  • You're perfectly happy with your performance and career trajectory.

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