The average CMO tenure is at its lowest level in a decade.

Which begs us to spot a light on what type of CMO, boards actually need today.

Especially when running a DTC eCommerce brand, boards demand virtuoso type of CMOs - so the question is: are you channelling your inner DaVinci in the boardroom?

Leonardo DaVinci, the Renaissance titan, was a virtuoso of art, science, and philosophy and similar to DaVinci, CMOs today need to be able to leap between domains using diverse knowledge to crack complex challenges and propel growth.

So, let's look beyond standard marketing practice, and dive into the four domains every CMO needs to master today to truly excel:

#1 Culture

At the very heart of marketing lies the cultural pulse of your target customers.

If you think you understand the culture because you’ve read a few slide decks about it – you might want to think again.

You can’t run a brand at a distance, you need to immerse yourself in it, understand where attention is gravitating, and get to know the emerging sub-cultures — then, and only then, use that knowledge to shape a strategic direction that resonates with your audience.

#2 Data

Data can be your sidekick in the decision-making process, guiding you towards the right path—but it’s a matter of knowing where to look and when to listen to it, avoiding the quicksand traps of analysis-paralysis.

Start by asking customer-centric type of questions, instead than trying to retrofit some pre-existing solution.

It's not about learning how to run regression analyses yourself—it's about understanding the art of the possible and harnessing the expertise of your team and partners to uncover insights that drive real action.

#3 Technology

In a digital society, a firm grasp of technology is non-negotiable. Understanding how data flows across systems and platforms, and how they interconnect to form a cohesive whole, is like understanding the layout of a bustling city—once you get how the streets and neighbourhoods connect, navigating becomes a breeze.

With this knowledge, you can spot bottlenecks, streamline processes, and ultimately leverage technology to its fullest potential for your marketing execution.

#4 Finance

Yes, it can seem daunting for a marketer, but mastering finance fundamentals is your passport to the boardroom. Speaking their language, fluently owning the P&L, conveying your strategies and investment requests in financial terms, will ensure you're understood and respected – especially when running a DTC brand.

in conclusion

Imagine entering the boardroom as the virtuoso, not the understudy - leading the board conversation, not just participating playing defence.

These aren't details - they're career-defining moments and if you take action and let curiosity drive you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride.