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Fads fade away. Fundamentals never change.

I spent the last 20 years working on what I love: Data, Digital & eCommerce - and got to do it while standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest brands, retailers and VCs in the world.

This journey taught me one undeniable truth: it's mastery over fundamentals that defines exceptional leaders.

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Let me introduce myself

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Hello, I'm Saverio,

Founder of eCommerce acceleration firm Atelier & Avenue - with 20 years experience in Data, Digital & eCommerce delivering projects for 60+ of the most iconic brands in the world.

Looking back as I'm writing this, I realise the fil rouge weaving through my entire journey has been one of insatiable curiosity and desire to learn.

I took life from the Renaissance landscapes of Italy to the bustling streets of the US, from London's historic alleys to Paris's romantic boulevards, from the expansive landscapes of Australia to the vibrant canals of Amsterdam - and that gifted me a front-row seat to the diversity of global markets.

That journey, filled with experiences across sectors like Luxury, Beauty, Fashion, Wine & Spirits, and more... has been nothing short of enriching.

Whether partnering with multi billion-dollar Groups, lending an ear to budding VCs, sculpting strategies for specialist Retailers, or mentoring ambitious Scale-up brands, every engagement has taught me something new.

New cultures. New products. New business models.

All through the lens of data, digital & eCommerce - and what it takes to lead.

And here, I'm sharing some of those valuable lessons. Stay tuned.


"Learning never exhausts the mind." - Leonardo da Vinci
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eCommerce Coaching

Feeling lost in translation?
Learn to scale. Without the dread.

You know your brand inside out, yet there's no denying that when it comes to DTC eCommerce, it often feels like you're rolling the dice rather than driving it.

Ever feel somewhat out of depth when leading your digital or eCom team?

Do you get that uncomfortable dread when discussing performance figures with your CEO, CFO, or investors?

Then ask yourself:

How would it feel to know you have someone right there in your corner, helping you bring clarity to uncertainty, and elevate your eCommerce leadership game from behind the scenes?

Strategic Consultancy

In 2012 I started Atelier & Avenue to transform & accelerate brands' digital and eCommerce businesses - and after all these years of obsessive focus on delivery, our boutique strategy and leadership firm is still fuelled exclusively by the glowing word-of-mouth of our clients.

Working with our clients’ boards, senior executive and management teams, we help businesses fast tracking the definition and implementation of their innovation strategies & business plans.

We transform, accelerate and lead organizations through Data, eCommerce, Tech, Performance Marketing and CRM.

100% independent. Unbiased. Intellectually Free.

Learn more about Atelier & Avenue.

The "how" of eCommerce keeps changing.
But the "why" remains the same.

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